Starting the journey

Well after reading I will also document and share my journey to OSCP. Well it will start (hopefull) next month. Today I looked into their reporting format.

Two findings:

a) They use office formats

b) they want a tabular listing of ports and hosts


My conclusion:

a) No time for that shit … really spending time in formating a *.doc is just wasted … so Latex it is. Do the formating before it starts .. just push files into it -> report …

b) well doing tabular stuff in Latex takes time .. back to a) ..

But there is the csvsimple packet .. great

So basic idea is make a nmap scan to csv

and then just import it into latex .. so one part of the report done ..

then they want a page per exploit. Good, making a template for that …


So thats it for today ..

Greetings ucki


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