Prepwork: Latex reporting.

So a little update for my preparations.

I try to get into the old hacker mode … Right now watching some episodes of mythbusters. That glee of destruction of exploration.

I started reading other persons blogs and found some of their old recon scrips etc.

To be honest I don’t like the idea of scripting my basic recon.

A nmap OS-Discoveryscan is nothing I would run so often that making a script would save me much time (I mean nmap -arguments is not to hard to type).

You might know the xkcd comics:



But a place were automation helps me: Latex …

My report setup is right now:

OSCP Mainfolder (aka workingfolder)

→Report Subfolder


→Subfolder for each host (Folder Names 1 till n)

→Screenshots (in each host subfolder)

My reportfile sits in the Report Subfolder. Each Server etc gets its own folder were I document all my findings in a *.tex template. Host 1 gets folder 1 with host1.tex. Simple.

A Script in my report pulls the “hostreports” into the report.

Sample code would be :

\foreach \c in {1,…,2}{\input{\c/host\c.tex} }

That pulls the file 1/host1.tex into the report. I just have to set the number of the host I found and need to report on.

Inside the Hosttemplate I now have the “reporting template from OS” .. well also the screenshots are imported automatically.

Sample code:

\foreach \x in {1,….,13}

(minimal image import, will do it a little bit more flashy)

You know each screenshot takes 5 seconds to import into Office. Then maybe 5 second to resize. This makes 10 seconds per screenshot. 10 seconds x number required screenshots x number hosts = worth the time.

Caveats right now:

-I have to set the number of reports

-I have to set the folder in each host*.tex for the graphics. So the number of screenshots and the foldernr.

After all not to bad for the first time using a complicated latex multi part document. Right now I’m thinking about using the subfile packet (which would allow easier writing) or not .. well we will see.

Greetings Ucki

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