The right mindset: Pirate Ninja

Yesterday I joined the irc channel to the OSCP course the first time. And I noted one thing. Maybe all the recommended books are wrong. I mean “the red team field manual” is a cool book for example. But one thing I missing in all the book recommendations: the right mindset. I actually somehow got my first shell, without being in the lab. But my talking about the book I was talking about got someone the right idea …

That course is about hacking .. but what is hacking ?

Entrance of the PIRATE NINJA !!!


I’m talking about the martian.

It is one of the best hacking novels in the last time. Hacking is about solving a problem in a unusual way. And heck in that novel are some pretty dam nice hacks.

Just think about it, it is all about solving a problem .. I can teach a person some nice 0days .. but to be honest they are tools, like a hammer or a screwdriver. It is the mindset which solves the problem.

Some my greatest hacking heroes never used a computer.

Ernest Shackleton used his great skills to keep his crew alive .. just read it up. Great problem solving and team leading.

Right now I’m watching again the Mythbusters.

So much tinkering and great problem solving.

And so much great quotes: “Everything worth doing is worth overdoing” “When in doubt C4” etc.

Just think about it .. maybe it is worth more to have the right mindset then to have read that batch scripting book.

Hera a little list of “getting in the moode stuff”:

-The oceans eleven triologie



-The martian

-Iron man 1


Greetings ucki



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