So daylong nmap scan crashed. Perfect. After watching the % tickling up .. I NEEEEDDDD MOOOOORRRREEE BBBRRRRAAAIIINNNZZZ

First of: Small hint –top-ports 1000 = useless. Read it up. After I did that, I felt stupid.

Then the V flag should also be a must read.

brainbobThen I have a gazzilllion files from some other enumeration stuff. You know sometimes it is hard to get somebody to talk. But when they talk .. THEY WON’T STOP !!!!!

So my status right now: To much info .. and the direct wisch to inflict some pain to the person thinking that 1312312.21312312312.213456746456.3432423423.23.23323..2332 or 13213-3423423-432423-3434247-436787543-57876546-3434-4 would be a great name for object in windows .. like better than lets say ports.open or if you want egon or so .. hell that stuff is annoying to grep.

While we are on grep .. I had that problem that I wanted to remove the “ from “string”.

My pro solution: cat input.txt | rev | cut -c2-|rev|cut -c2-

and because I used so much hyphen-minus here. A quick remark about the OS PWK course material.

If you brag about “TRY HARDERRRRRRR !!!!!!” and about that you expect a perfect spelling etc.


U+2012 is not U+002D

.. think about it.

A hyphen-minus is not a dash. The first examples have that bug. Annoying. Copy paste and then trying to find the error. Not to easy I you have scaled your terminal to small to see the different length.

And while we are encoding. Spent most of the day with my latex templates. Had to build in a function to mark changes in the code listings red. If somebody wants it, just comment and I will make a git or so …..

Greetings ucki

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