OSCP: People who stare at exploits.


EDITORS NOTE: First I wanted to make a lego version of that famous movie poster. Well now you guys get a lego pic and then some pics making your head go spinning .. that is my head right now.

Well I have some problems with the PWK course. Well not with the course so to say. More with the whole security industry as such. I have some contact with alumni of that course and actually most complain about the “finding the right exploits” part of the course. Not because you don’t know how to attack a machine. Nope, you KNOW how to attack that thing. But finding a nice working exploit is a bad experience.


Everybody talks about cyberweapons. Now everybody is thinking about cruise missile etc. But in reality we have more rusty unreliable fireworks. Could look but also could explode in your face.


The core problem is that the it-security research is far from a scientific research I’m used too from my engineering background. Exploit-DB is far from a proper Database in my eyes. Lets look at ordering an electronics component for a project. On most pages I can order by type, cost, mounting , wattage, voltage ,…..,…. etc etc. On exploit-db I have just one search field. It would be so much easier to search for os versions, date, programming language and such. The main problem is that exploits are a big business with 0day markets and such. Just look at the “framework” of metasploit. Here we have some “basic” metadata missing from the exploits. This feature is then sold as “smart” explotation in the better versions. Same for Nessus vs OpenVas. These databases are paid content for companies. To have a proper research it would be perfect to have a university host the exploit-db with a good search and good metadata.


For all the persons looking for a good exploit. Sorry having a exel spreadsheet with working explotits is the working base for each pentest company and cyberwar units So finding good information consist for the normal mortals of starring at your google results till your head spins and google starts to complain about all that evil search terms.

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