The LEGO Hacking News Vol 1. 14.06.2016


Hello Good Evening, welcome to the LEGO Hacking News, were we cover LEGO and IT Security news. Because we can …


As you can see the LEGO people in the park set is finally here.

Other news: There will be a VW beetle set coming soon. It is a nice contrast to the porsche set released earlier this month :

Hacking & IT Security news and thoughts:

Microsoft bought LinkedIn

While that piece of the register is troubling enough, there is other news.

There was a nice leak of a lot of linkedIn passwords out. And microsoft wants to make LinkedIn a central feature of their “services”. Think about it. Maybe we sit now on 30something million passwords for computer systems. Just look up who is the ceo of a company, suddendly domain admin. Troubling idea.

Also this will mean that the statistical insights in passwords we have duto the linkedin breach will maybe transfer into domain passwords.

Also concerning microsoft: In my previous blog I wrote about combining forensics and pentesting. After thinking a while over win 10. Well where is the the difference between locky and win 10 ? Well with locky you get at least a nice gui for getting the key for your files back.

Ok folks so far for the first installment of my random thoughts about the last days.

Greetings Ucki

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