Back to the labs – everything is awesome


I didn’t blog for a while. There are some reasons for that ….

First I got a new job. Actually my first day was also my exam day. The original plan was to use my last money to take this course and hoping for the best. The new job keeps me occupied so I didn’t blog.

Second: I failed the exam. Well I wanted to blog about the exam. But it is hard without spoiling stuff.

Third: I actually did’t like the course … hated the “community” around it.

Today I take the plunge and returned to the labs.

And to sing the catchy Lego Movie Song: “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME”

Why did I go from being grumpy to being happy ?? Well actually g0tm1lk posted a AWESOME thread in the forums about methodology.

And I was introduced to the OWASP framework while working. So right now I have 2 good procedures t learn from. Nice.

And my way to work actually passes the LEGO shop ^^

So just sing along …

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