OSCP: The travel to local privilege escalation

So I wanted to write another “standard operations procedure” blog. And then it hit me .. the whole process of hacking host was familiar to me. As you might know I spent a year travellingand the whole thing is like traveling. Bear with me:

First you pick your target, read a bit about it etc .. then you try to cross the border. Have some nice chat with the immigration officers, duty & customs etc etc. Try to convince the security that you can have indeed a knife in your hand luggage etc .. You know the most annoying part of the whole thing. You spent most of your time just crossing that damn security measurements. You know all that circus we all know stopping nobody trying really hard.

Same with a host. You know you will likely find a way around every firewall with enough time.

After you arrived at your destination, still annoyed from all the hurdles you had to take you will find a place to make yourself a home. Nothing fancy just a little spot to rest and take a look around.

You might not have all the best things you might want.

So you look around and search for a better place, get some more infos … and after a while you learn the local language, find the best spots .. and finally own that place ..

Same in the pentesting world:

-First you get in

-Find a folder with write permissions

-Look around if your place has some execute restrictions (mount)

-Get your tools in place and enumerate locally


You see it is all about the journey 😉

Greeting Ucki



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