Scripting the OSCP exam and getting some offsec swag

So in the last blog I hinted some other scripts. Now here is the full story:

Act 1: While I wrote my msfvenom wrapper a lot of people in our pritvate chat group started to make jokes about my scripting and that I would write uckivenom the next better metasploit. And chances was that my exam date was the 02.05 .. so one day after aprils fools day .. mmm let’s get to work. I wrote a little script muttering out nice random phrases and had some nice ASCII art.


Act 2: I started to hint the script roughly a week before aprils fools day (and had 2 other guys put in the picture) so we started to build some interest.

Act 3: The owner of the private channel got word and started to freak out because he was fearing offsec


Act 4: The people knowing that it was just a troll started to start some little riot in our party chat to get me back.

Act 5: I be back


Act 6: I put the script on the offsec forums on aprils fools day. It was gone in 5 min (and I started to freak out, bearing a ban one day before exam)


Act 7: The forum post was back after 2h and normal students started to get fooled.

Act 8: After passing my exam I went to twitter and some friends congratulated me ^^ I mentioned the script and muts got wind.


Act 9: Offsec swag !!!


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