Setting up the Stream Deck XL for Syrinscape (and a bit of homeoffice)

So I got myself a nice streamdeck for homne office working and for playing DnD and other TTRPG online. How much it is for homeoffice and how much for Dnd is up for debate.

Lesson 1) Microsoft Teams and Shortcuts is not working as you might think ..

My best cheat so far is to use the advanced launcher to bring teams to the foreground, have a sec delay and then pipe the mute / unmute shortcut. More on that maybe later or not —

Lesson 2) Well designing a good layout was easier and harder than I thought ..

Well first I tried to do syrinscape like everyone else did in the videos you see online ..

Step 1:Log into the online player

Step 2: Show the control links

Step 3: Make a new Website Action, Get in the Background, add Link

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 a gazillion times

Step 5: Get frustrated with folders over folders of stuff

Step 6: Watch

Step 7: Remember your days ages ago as a radar operator in the navy on a old 80s Tech Radar console using a light slide menu (basically the buttons had text which was illuminated by different bulbs aka changing the text …  and since that was expensive you had like 8-10 buttons but a clever structure

Step 8: Have a insight …

Step 9: Spend some time working frantically …

Showing you my solution:

Syrinscape has some design based limitations:

-No volume control in the api

-Sounds keep on playing as long they are not a oneshot

-No plugin for streamdeck (so you don’t see what is playing on the deck -> Lacking a return api)

Design Goals:

-Having a easy setup to launch a improve scene

               -> All my complex stuff is designed before the session ..

-No programming etc

-Easy to remember

-All sounds are just 3 clicks away (-> 4 if you count starting the RPG Deck from anywere else in the Streamdeck) (2 Clicks for playing the lvl magic sounds)

Will not bother you with my default screen .. just the RPG part :

Screen 1 The RPG Landing page .. having all tools etc in the top row, my Adventure logs for my two campaigns (aka open a TXT file)  .. nothing fancy EXEPT for the 6 Buttons in the left corner:

Stop All -> Well Stopping all Syrinscape Playback .. Just to clear everything

One Shots -> Opens up the One Shot Selection Profile

Music -> Opens the Music Selection Profile

LVL -> Opens the Profile that contains the Sounds for unnamed Lvl 0-Lvl 9 Sounds from The DND Spell Sounds .. just for firing of some random no name magic if needed 

Spells –> Opens the Spells Selection Profile -> Named Spells

Camp -> Opens up the Campain Selection Profile (For selecting some of the pre made soundscapes for the campaigns I play)

The next Row over (3 from the left) Is the “sub profile selector”. This Setup is the same on all sub profiles ….

So Oneshots Selection Profile contains now Buttons to select the sub topic of generic one shot sounds …Here in the Example the next Screen would be the Doors selection

The Music (Rearanged it after the screenshots) goes to my music selection

The Spells to “DMG Spells” and “Buff spells” (Might need to split the buff spells .. depending on my players

Hope you folks found the idea helpful and this mini tutorial.


Lasse / Ucki

Feedback for Syrinscape:

-More Fight Oneshots -> Just for fights there is less selection compared to magic

– A soundset with all music would be nice (started one as community content)

-A soundset with all the oneshots (maybe by topic ) -> like the Ranger,Druid,Bard .. Spell Sets etc

-Maybe a volume api endpoint

-Maybe the button graphics for download (just to save right click save as ^^)

-Maybe a reverse api and a full elgato plugin (*insert cat eyes look here*)

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