Attack on Fort Clara

So a while back I wrote about a Lego Fort:


Now today we go through a way how some pirates could attack the fort. This is a spoilerfree spoiler to a real machine I wrote a report on it .. if you see how it works you might have done the same machine. Because some of my pictures are more a riddle than a spoiler 😉 So here we go.


First our pirates do a little recon on the fort.


With all their informations they go to the wise island magician who knows all the good tricks. From him they get a all seeing telescope …

With that telescope they can see everything on that fort ….


With that information it is easy to find some stupid soldier ….


as wich they can disguise …


to deliver their evil dynamite ..


but unfortunatly dynamite is not allowed on the fort …


so they need a flimsy disguise for the payload .. so they can put it on the fort to trigger it later with another method ..

and game over …attackonfortclarie-9

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